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1. Accessing LOTE4Kids

LOTE4Kids is a digital collection of picture books (eBooks and audiobooks) in a diverse range of World Languages. Subscriptions are currently available for purchase by libraries and schools in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Under an active subscription, library patrons, school students and their families, can access LOTE4Kids in library branches, schools, at home, and in other remote learning environments.

If you cannot find your library in the search bar, try searching for the name of your local council, district, or county. You can also search on your library website, contact your library, or ask us directly using the form here. We will get back to you within 1 business day.

If you have found your library or school login page, however your barcode number or student ID is not working, please contact us here. We will investigate and get back to you within 1 business day.

We support a wide range of authentication methods, including barcode validation, third-party IP proxy services such as EZProxy, and referral URLs from Library Management Systems. In addition, we support branch and school IP whitelisting to conveniently allow users direct access without the need to log in while on premises. Users are not required to sign up for accounts to access LOTE4Kids, and we do not store personally identifiable information (PII).

LOTE4Kids works on all modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. For the best experience, ensure your browser version is up-to-date.

No, we do not collect PII. Users are not required to sign up for accounts or provide passwords.

2. Using LOTE4Kids

Yes. To view the website in another language, click the language toggle in the top right corner of your browser, and select your preferred language. If your desired language is not available, please get in touch with us here, and let us know.

Yes. Library and school subscriptions come with public performance rights, as long as attendees are not charged any fees. This means LOTE4Kids can be shown on large screens as a part of library and school programs and storytime sessions, and we actually encourage this! In addition to bilingual storytime sessions, sign language productions are popular to provide children with early exposure to the deaf community, as the picture books are read out loud, and the sign translation talents are fun and engaging.

Yes. You can download the mobile App for iOS and Android here. Then simply search for your school or library, and enter your barcode or student number to access LOTE4Kids.

Yes. You can access the Accessibility Tools by using the blue-purple toggle on the right side of the page. LOTE4Kids is also compatible with screen reader technologies, and the website is WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant.

Yes. Comments are closely monitored and manually approved by an administrator before being published. Any comments that are inappropriate or put privacy at risk are rejected and deleted. Comments are published as anonymous.

3. Our Books and Translations

Picture books available on LOTE4Kids are selected from a panel of educational book publishers located around the world. We also self-publish many books from our own panel of 30+ authors and 80+ illustrators.

Where local book publishers are not available for a specific language, we carry out translation projects. In these projects, we engage a native-speaking text-translator, and match their expertise with a second native-speaking voice-talent. By employing a minimum of two people per translation project, we ensure high-quality translation outcomes.

Absolutely! We love hearing feedback about LOTE4Kids, including content suggestions and language requests. Please get in touch with us here.

We release 80-100 books every month, including adding new books to existing language collections, bilingual book offerings, sign language productions, and seed collections for new languages.

Absolutely! If you feel you can contribute to our fast-growing picture book collection, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us here.

4. Reporting and Promotions

Yes. Staff can access the Reporting and Promotions dashboard here, using their staff access credentials, to access a dynamic and interactive utilisation dashboard. If you don’t have staff access credentials, or need help resetting your password, please get in touch here.

Yes. Staff can access a diverse range or promotional materials through the Reporting and Promotions dashboard here. Promotional materials include posters, flyers, bookmarks and social media images, together with a wide range of translations. We can also customise collateral and participate in collaborations, free of charge!

Yes. We provide staff training on demand, and regularly host informative webinars. Please get in touch with us here, if you would like more information.

Yes. Staff can access and download MARC Records from the Reporting and Promotions dashboard here, to help improve book and resource discoverability.

5. Subscription Details and Purchasing

Subscriptions include website and App branding, all language and book title upgrades, interactive reporting dashboards, and monthly digest newsletters with release details and promotional suggestions.

Yes. There are no library or school limitations on the book titles and activities that can be enjoyed under an active subscription.

Yes. Multiple people can enjoy the same books and resources at the same time.

Absolutely! Please get in touch to organise your free trial and quote by contacting us here. Simply include your library or school name, and also the library population served or number of enrolled students.

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