Welcome, Children's Book Publishers!

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to publish world-language picture books?  At LOTE4Kids, we celebrate language and cultural diversity in children’s books, and we firmly believe that ALL children should have the opportunity to enjoy books and learn language through the magic of storytelling!

We are looking for enchanting children's picture books and educational readers from every corner of the globe. So, whether you're a publisher of books in Burmese, Dari, Quechua, Yoruba, OR any of the thousands of languages our world is blessed with, we want to hear from you.

Why Join Our Platform?

  • Extend Your Reach: Introduce your books to global audiences eager for diverse children's content.
  • Celebrate Your Languages: Put your content and language in the limelight and let it shine.
  • Inspire Global Minds: Be a part of children's multicultural and multilingual learning journey.
  • Collaboration: Work with our dedicated team to ensure smooth integration and promotion.
  • Licensing: Receive regular performance reports and license fee payments.  

How does the Submission Process work? 

  1. Show and tell: Share a brief overview of your book, and a preview if possible.
  2. Review and feedback: Our team will review and provide feedback.
  3. Onboard and showcase: Once approved, your book will be catalogued and released.

If you're ready to be part of this vibrant and inclusive platform, or if you'd simply like to learn more, reach out to the LOTE4Kids team at contact@storytimepods.com.au or use the contact form located here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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